A photograph of live Chilean langostino just pulled from pot traps.

About Langostino

Question: What is langostino lobster?


Answer: Langostino lobster is a species of lobster harvested off the coast of Chile. Langostino are identified as squat lobster. Squat lobster are lobster species that have small tails. This information is drawn from the book, "Lobsters Of The World," by Austin B. Williams.


Question: What does langostino lobster taste like?


Answer: Langostino lobster has a flavor profile that lands between that of Maine Lobster and Shrimp.


Question: How do you cook langostino lobster?


Answer: Most langostino lobster meat is pre-cooked frozen meat. The best way to thaw frozen langostino meat is overnight in your refrigerator. When using langositino as an ingredient in a recipe such as with pasta, bisque, chowder, stir fry or other hot dish it is best to add the langostino meat at the end of the cooking process to just heat through before serving. Once thawed langostino meat can be added to cold dishes such as salads or lobster rolls in the order called for in the recipe.


Question: How big are langostino lobster?


Answer: Langostino lobster are on average 3 inches long not including the length of their claws.


Question: What is the species / Latin name for langostino?


Answer: There are two commercial species of langostino lobster in Chile. The first is red langostino, known in Chile as Langostino Colorado (red langostino), with the Latin name (Pleuroncodes Monodon) .  The other species is yellow langostino, known in Chile as Langostino Amarillo, with the Latin name (cervimunida johni).


Question: Where are langostino lobster caught?


Answer: Langostino lobster are caught off the coast of Chile are commercially harvested from Caldera (latitude 27 degrees S.) to Calbuco (about latitued 42 degrees S.) at a depth range from 125 to 200 meters.


Question: Are langostino lobster sustainable?


Answer: The Chilean langostino lobster fishery was certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)  August 13, 2016  The fishery attained a score of 80 or more against each of the MSC Principles and did not score less than 60 against any MSC Criteria. To view the certificate of sustainability click here.

A photograph of live Chilean langostino lobster
A five pound bag of langostino lobster meat.
Chilean langostino lobster meat 4x5 lb. master case opened.

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