A photograph of a fishing net filled with argentine langostino.

Langostino Lobster Meat

Cooked from fresh caught, Langostino lobster tail meat has a sweet delectable flavor. These wonderful bite sized morsels are a wonderful addition to any dish requiring lobster meat. Langostino meat goes well with pastas, steak, fish, and a variety of other foods. An update on Surf and Turf could be a 2-4 ounce portion of quick-grilled Langostino meat served with a lemon-garlic drawn butter and a perfectly broiled steak. In South America, Langostino meat is prepared “pil-pil”; a preparation of shellfish quickly sautéed in hot olive oil, fresh minced garlic, and ground cayenne or crushed red-pepper flakes. “Pil-pil” (peel-peel) can be served as a lone entrée accompanied by a tossed green salad and crusty French bread, or as a topper for pasta or rice. From cold, fresh salads to steaming, creamy bisques, Langostino meat is flavorful, versatile and attractive.


Chilean Langostino meat is packed from two species red langostino (Pleuroncodes Monodon) and  yellow langostino (cervimunida johni). Langostino meat has sweet delicate flavor that I would describe as a mix between that of lobster and shrimp. It is the perfect bite sized seafood that can be used in all kinds of recipes from pasta to steamy hot bisques. Below is a yellow langostino on .

Chilean Northern Langostino Fishery Certified Sustainable by MSC

On August 13th 2016 the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified the Northern Chilean Langostino Lobster Fishery as sustainable. To view a copy of the certificate of sustainability click here.

A photograph of cooked Chilean langostino lobster meat.
A photograph of a live Chliean langostino lobster.

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